Ninian Stuart Results

Union Shield

SeasonWinners Runners-UpVenue/Remarks
1894-95Roath -Not knownCompeted for on a league basis
1895-96Mackintosh-Not knownCompeted for on a league basis
1896-97St. Peter's5-3AdamsdownHarlequins Ground
1897-98St. Mary's14-0St. Andrew'sHarlequins Ground
1898-99Grange Stars19-0Cathays Utd.Cardiff Arms Park
1899-00Roath Reserves14-0Canton HarlequinsCardiff Arms Park
1900-01Cardiff Barbarians10-8St. AgnesCardiff Arms Park
1901-02St. David's17-0Empire Utd.Cardiff Arms Park
1902-03Llandaff Yard9-8Penarth Utd.Cardiff Arms Park
1903-04St. Teilo's10-0Penarth Utd.Cardiff Arms Park
1904-05Roath Hornets6-3Canton WanderersCardiff Arms Park (aet)
1905-06St. Paul's3-0Canton WanderersCardiff Arms Park
1906-07Competition not held---
1907-08Cardiff Fruiterers13-0Grange InstituteCardiff Arms Park
1908-09Grange Harriers6-0Cardiff WelshCardiff Arms Park
1909-10Cardiff Centrals3-0Cardiff WelshCardiff Arms Park

Ninian Stuart Cup

SeasonWinners  Runners UpVenue\Remarks
1910-11Cardiff Nomads40Cardiff WelshCardiff Arms Park (aet)
1911-12Senghenydd40Splott CrusadersCardiff Arms Park (replay after two draws of 3-3 & 0-0).
1912-13Penarth Utd.30Grange StarsCardiff Arms Park
1913-14Barry60AdamsdownCardiff Arms Park
1914-15No competition--World War One-
1915-16No competition--World War One-
1916-17No competition--World War One-
1917-18No competition--World War One-
1918-19No competition--World War One-
1919-20St. David's II80St. Peter'sCardiff Arms Park (open to 2nd Division clubs)
1920-21St. Peter's94Lyndon AthleticCardiff Arms Park
1921-22St. Paul's60St. Peter'sCardiff Arms Park (possibly one or both team's 2nd XV's)
1922-23Grange Harlequins50St. Mary's AthleticCardiff Arms Park
1923-24St. Peter's Utd.30SenghenyddCardiff Arms Park
1924-25Senghenydd30Cardiff FoundriesCardiff Arms Park
1925-26Grange Lyndons60Royal EngineersCardiff Arms Park
1926-27St. Paul's200Grange Baptists IICardiff Arms Park
1927-28Cardiff Supporters Jnrs93St. Paul's IIPengam Farm (CAP not available - greyhound racing!)
1928-29Currans Athletic30Grange Baptists IICardiff Arms Park
1929-30St.Peter's I30Cardiff Crusaders IIMaindy Barracks
1930-31St. Paul's83St. Joseph'sCardiff Arms Park
1931-32St. Paul's30St. Joseph'sCardiff Arms Park
1932-33St. Joseph's60Grange HibernianCardiff Arms Park
1933-34St. David's40Central HarlequinsCardiff Arms Park
1934-35Spillers---Cup presented to Mallet Cup runners-up
1935-36Canton St. Mary's---Cup presented to Mallet Cup runners-up
1936-37Canton St. Mary's---Cup presented to Mallet Cup runners-up
1937-38Hancocks Nut Brown80Dinas Powis IIReplay after 3-3 draw at Cardiff Arms Park
1938-39No competition---Requisite number of clubs did not apply to enter
1939-40No competition--World War Two-
1940-41No competition--World War Two-
1941-42No competition--World War Two-
1942-43No competition--World War Two-
1943-44No competition--World War Two-
1944-45No competition--World War Two-
1945-46No competition--World War Two-
1946-47No competition---Competiton in obeyance since WW2
1947-48No competition---Competiton in obeyance since WW2
1948-49No competition---Competiton in obeyance since WW2
1949-50Canton Loco XV50Cory Hall Youth ClubBishop's Field, Llandaff (played on Sat 29th April)
1950-51GKB&N63Cardiff WheatsheafBarracks Field, Maindy. Mon 23rd April. First season for Cardiff Wheatsheaf
1951-52CurransElyCurrans v Ely (Mon 28th April at Bishops Field, Llandaff). Score needed
1952-53Roath Park80Cardiff HarlequinsCurrans RFC. Saturday 8th October
1953-54CIACS IIMelingriffith-
1954-55Welch Regiment96St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - Wed 4th May
1955-56St. Alban's IIGKB&N IIBarracks Field, Maindy.
1956-57St. Alban's II---No competition due to number of entries - St. Alban's retained trophy being current holders.
1957-58CaerphillySt. Alban's IIBarracks Field, Maindy - Thursday 24th April.
1958-59Old Howardians II--Centurions RFCCenturions RFC disbanded before the final so the trophy was awarded to Howardians.
1959-60Old Howardians II30Canton IILlandaff Fields
1960-61St Joseph's II93CHSOB IIBlackweir (all penalties).
1961-62Cowbridge30St Cadoc'sCardiff Arms Park - 26th April
1962-63CIACS IISt. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - Tues April 30th (Paul Guerin played?)
1963-64St Cadoc's90St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - 8th April
1964-65Rumney II63CIACS IICardiff Arms Park
1965-66Cowbridge II96Rumney IICardiff Arms Park. Replay in Sept 1966 - first game ended in a 3-3 draw.
1966-67CIACS II133Cardiff Fire ServiceGlam. Wanderers RFC - Friday 28th April (WRU 7's tourney at Arms Park following day)
1967-68St Joseph's II136St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park.
1968-69Pontyclun Athletic33Rumney IICardiff Arms Park - Tues April 29th (drew 3-3 - trophy shared re SW Echo 21st Apr 1970 page 15)
1969-70Rumney II96St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - April 14th
1970-71Rumney II80St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park. Replay needed - first game on April 29th ended in 9-9 draw.
1971-72CIACS II60Rumney IICardiff Arms Park - April 14th
1972-73Rumney II63St. Alban's IIBishop's Field, Llandaff (Thurs 27th April)
1973-74CIACS II139St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - Wed April 17th
1974-75CIACS II43St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park - Wed April 16th
1975-76St Alban's II109Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park - Thurs 22nd April
1976-77Rumney II127Clwb Rygbi IICardiff Arms Park - Wed April 27th
1977-78St Joseph's II63Rumney IIDiamond Ground, Whitchurch (Tues 18th April). Arms Park pitch being renovated.
1978-79Rumney II153St. Alban's IIGlam. Wanderers RFC - Thurs 26th April
1979-80St Alban's IICIACS IIGlam Wdrs RFC (Wed 30th April), ECHO ON STRIKE 26th APR TO 12th MAY - NO REPORTS!
1980-81Rumney II200St Joseph's IICardiff Arms Park (Thursday 23rd April)
1981-82St. Alban's II63Rumney IICardiff Arms Park (Friday 30th April)
1982-83Rumney II213Rhiwbina IIICardiff Arms Park (Monday 18th April)
1983-84Rumney III127St. David's IICardiff Arms Park (Friday 27th April)
1984-85CIACS II190Rumney IIICardiff Arms Park (Friday 26th April)
1985-86CIACS II233Llanishen IICardiff Arms Park (Friday 25th April)
1986-87CIACS II90Caerau Ely IICardiff Arms Park (Tuesday 28th April)
1987-88CIACS II2811St. Albans IICardiff Arms Park (Tuesday 27th April)
1988-89CIACS II93Rumney IIICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 26th April)
1989-90CIACS II70Whitchurch IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 25th April)
1990-91St. Alban's II323CIACS IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 24th April)
1991-92CIACS II73St. Alban's IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 29th April)
1992-93St Peters III2014Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park (Monday 26th April)
1993-94St Peters III100Rumney IIICardiff Arms Park (Monday 25th April) Result needed
1994-95Fairwater II123Llanrumney IICardiff Arms Park (Monday 24th April)
1995-96St Peters III133Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park (Monday 29th April)
1996-97Rumney III63Llanrumney IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 16th April)
1997-98Rumney III135Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park
1998-99Rumney III1513Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park (Monday 26th April). Original game postponed due to concern over ground conditions.
1999-00Rumney III217Fairwater IICardiff Arms Park
2000-01St Peters III2010Llanishen IIICardiff Arms Park (need confirmation of score - Llanishen coming back on this).
2001-02Llanrumney II106Rumney IIICardiff Arms Park
2002-03Rumney III126Llanishen IIICardiff Arms Park
2003-04Llanishen III300Clwb Rygbi IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 5th May)
2004-05Llandaff North III1511Caerau Ely IICardiff Arms Park
2005-06Cardiff Saracens II2520Cardiff HSOB IIIGlamorgan Wanderers RFC (11th May)
2006-07St Peters III1712Caerau Ely IIGlamorgan Wanderers RFC
2007-08St Peters III430Llandaff North IIICardiff Arms Park
2008-09Clwb Rygbi II2827Rumney IIIGlamorgan Wanderers RFC
2009-10Rumney III4331Clwb Rygbi IICardiff Arms Park
2010-11Caerau Ely II4210Llandaff North IIICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 27th April)
2011-12Caerau Ely II76Llanrumney IICardiff Arms Park (Mon 14th May original date - Wed 25th April - postponed due to waterlogged pitch)
2012-13Rhiwbina III86Llanrumney IICardiff Arms Park (Wednesday 8th May)
2013-14Rhiwbina III276Clwb Rygbi IllCardiff Arms Park (Thursday 8th May)
2014-15Caerau Ely II2017St. Peter's IIICardiff Arms Park (Friday 8th May) MoM Shaun Moore (Caerau Ely)
2015-16St. Peter's III4112Clwb Rygbi IICardiff Arms Park (Friday 14th May)