The Man in the MiddleMatches played within Cardiff and District are refereed by Level 2 referees, primarily from the Blues Region of Referees.  Referee allocations are made by Gwyn Bowden, who may be contacted on 07790689959, or via e-mail by clicking here.

Contact details for all referees within the Blues region may be found by downloading the pdf document attached here.

A spreadsheet indicating referees allocated to all fixtures in the Blues region for November may be found by clicking here.  Please be aware that allocating referees to a fixtures is a very fluid process and so the actual referee may well have changed from that published here.  This spreadsheet was accurate on 1st November 2012.

There is a serious shortage of referees within the Blues region and there have been a number of cases, when, unfortunately a League or Cup match has been postponed because a referee has not been available to officiate at the match.  Any match played, be it league, cup or friendly, MUST be refereed by a Level 2 or a Level 3 referee, that has been appointed by Gwyn Bowden or by an official of the WRU Referees’ Department.  A Level 1 referee, or an unqualified referee is not covered by insurance to referee any of these matches.  Neither is a Level 2 or Level 3 referee that has not been officially appointed.

Any match played without a suitably qualified or appointed referee is not sanctioned by either the WRU or the Cardiff and District and therefore it is our advice that these matches are not to be played.  In the event of any serious injury, none of the referee, the participating clubs, or the participating players is covered by any form of insurance.

If any clubs forfeits a fixture without giving fair notice to the opposition, the match referee and Gwyn Bowden, then they will be unlikely to be allocated a referee for their following fixture.  A reminder of this policy, sent in a letter to all clubs and previously issued on this website may be found by clicking here.

Cardiff and District is proud of its links with the Cardiff Society – WRU Referees.  Colin Briggs represents the referees on the Cardiff and District Executive Committee.  The society meets on the second and last Monday of every month during the rugby season at Llanishen RFC, with meeting commencing at 19:30.  A warm welcome awaits anybody interested in refereeing and especially those who are interested in taking up the whistle.  Further details of the Cardiff Society – WRU Referees may be found on their website –